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Kojiki: Ninigi-no-Mikoto and the Descent from Heaven

(translation by Arinwald)

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The Sun Goddess, Amaterasu-Omikami, ordered Ame-no-Oshihomimi-no-Mikoto in the name of Takagi-no-Kami: "Now it is being reported that we have reclaimed Yamato again. So you should go down there and govern Yamato." He replied: "While I was preparing to go down, my son was born. His name is Ame-Nigishikuni-Nigishiamatsuhiko-Hikono-no-Ninigi-no-Mikoto. He should go down instead of me." So Amaterasu ordered Ninigi-no-Mikoto to go down to Yamato.

When he went down to Earth, there was a God waiting at a crossroad. So, Amaterasu and Takagi-no-Kami ordered the Goddess Ame-no-Uzume-no-Kami to confront this unknown God: "Though you are weak and female, you can still confront any God. So, go and ask him why he is awaiting us on the road." When the Goddess asked the unknown God, he answered: "I'm a native God, Sarutabiko-no-Kami. I await you here, to serve you, since I heard that a son of a Heavenly God would be coming down to us."

Thus, Ninigi-no-Mikoto, with five Gods and Goddesses, did come down to Earth. Amaterasu gave him three gifts: sacred jade accessory named Yasaka-no-Magatama, a mirror named Yaata-no-Kagami, and a sword named Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi that can scythe away the grass of a field with one action. Amaterasu also sent three more Gods with him. Amaterasu said: "This mirror is my soul. Worship this mirror as you would  worship me."

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Magatama  blonze mirror (back) sword

Thus Ninigi-no-Mikoto came down, away from his sacred stone throne, and parted the mountains of clouds, and with powerful dignity descended to the Mountain named Takachiho, in a place called Himuka of an area called Tsukushi.

Ninigi-no-Mikoto declared: "This is a place which simultaneously faces Korea and where the Sun also rises. It is an excellent place." He built a magnificent palace, and dwelled therein.

Ninigi-no-Mikoto met a beautiful maiden at the Kasasa Peninsula. He asked her: "Whose daughter are you?" She answered him: "I'm the daughter of Ooyamatsu-no-Kami, and my name is Kamu-Atatsu-Hime, or Konohana-no-Sakuya-Bime."

"Do you have any sisters?"

"Iwanaga-Hime is my elder sister."

Then Ninigi said: "I would like to get married to you. What do you think about that?" Konohana answered: "I cannot answer that by myself. My father, Ooyamatsu-Kami, will have to answer you." So Ninigi sent a messenger to Ooyamatsu-Kami.

Ooyamatsu-Kami was very pleased, and sent Konohana and her sister Iwanaga to Ninigi with many presents. Ninigi sent Iwanaga back, since she was terribly ugly. Then he spent the night with Konohana. Ooyamatsu-Kami was very embarrassed when Iwanaga was sent back. He sent Ninigi a message: "I sent my two daughters together because Iwanaga will bring you long life like a stone, even when it snows and winds are fierce. Konohana will bring you as much prosperity as there are blossoms on a tree. Since you sent back Iwanaga, and spent the night only with Konohana, your life shall be short, just like that of blossoms." From that time onwards, the Tennoh Family's lifespan became short.

Later, Konohana visited Ninigi and told him: "I'm pregnant with your baby. I came here to tell you, because a Prince should be born officially recognized."

Ninigi said to her: "How could you possibly have become pregnant in only one night? The baby inside you is not my child. It might be the child of some native God." So Konohana swore an oath: "If my baby is from some native God, something wrong will happen when I deliver. But if my baby is your child, I shall deliver safely." Then she built a large hut for delivery, and sealed the place completely from the inside with mud. When she was in labour and about to deliver, she set fire to the hut. The first triplet, of three sons born to her, came while the fire was still strong, and was named Hoderi-no-Mikoto, meaning "the fire is still bright and strong". The second boy was named Hosuseri-no-Mikoto, meaning "the fire is still burning". The third male child was named Hoori-no-Mikoto, meaning "the fire is weakening".

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Names are in short form. Names in red indicate females.

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